Something Like Eternity

by The History Of Colour TV

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released March 17, 2017



all rights reserved


The History Of Colour TV Berlin, Germany

Dreamy, melodic rock, with tendencies towards darkness & noisy edges.

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Track Name: Granite Verge Of Tears
Where skaters meet and stares are left for dead,
and clouds hang low, a sky of steel and lead,
you chain your bike to mine.

And when rain gets real, you lead me to your home.
It's made of wood - a house of glass and wood.
You never lock the door, I never ask you for the key.

It's hard to describe the failure and fear
your boxes are here to relieve us all of.
The weight of the words could drive you to tears,
and I'm determined to be one.

But when fits get real, you bike away alone,
and with your gun, I shoot my way back home.
Did this happen before? It's hard to say for sure.
Track Name: Broken Trip
I've seen it all, I've touched it all,
I've hit the scene, and faked it all.
The heroes of the spring collapse into the fall.
And if you're wondering, it's me, I made the call

From the glow of the screen,
a message only you could receive.
Wide awake in the night,
you narrow down the ends and the means.

I should have stayed away and left you to explain,
but fascination's trail has led me to this place.

I saw it all. I held it all.
I named it all and kissed it all.

Morning rain was the grey your eyes reflected out into mine
as wasted clear of your fears, you figured now or never's the time.
Me, a smiling mess of a means to care, to decline.

The bounds of self-control, the signals I misread,
they should be part of me, I'm part of this instead.

The murmur of the tone,
the voices on the phone,
the voices in my head,
now bled of flesh and bone.
Track Name: Days Numbered
I can't help but be callous,
I can't help but be cold,
the way you're so involved.
The way the album lies there,
is proof if nothing else
that photos do occur.

Sometimes, more than less,
I miss the way the past was just a guess.

It's harder to believe in the things you cannot see,
they tough out every test.
The things you'd give your life for,
they'll take your own at best.
It's nice to see your smile's as real as your unrest.

We strain to fit the picture in the frame,
it's safe to say that danger's here to stay.

We race to fit a lifetime in a day,
it's safe to say that danger's here to stay.
Track Name: Wreck
Wearing out the shoes I borrowed,
though by now it's clear you could care less.
The same applies to everything -
I've know you proud, but seen you fading.
And you quote the darkest words,
some band that could be worse -
I sit and sympathize.

Tearing up a page of broken promises
and plans made for you.

See, I want to help my friends,
but they're too smart for me,
and every scheme I pitch is 'so last year'.
And it's some fucked up irony - some fear of getting better -
creating the distance.
We cruise the night in silence...

A color where all is calm,
shivering pain,
they come to me in waves.
Several surfaces mimic shapes -
cellophane, glass, aluminium.
Identifying parts and pieces.
I focus on the frame where I can see
your hand within arm's reach,
the crushed ice of the windshield.
I sympathize for last time.

The wealth of detail is now unreal,
from your healing tattoo,
to the holes in the heel of my shoe.
Track Name: Everything That Stood Still
Fill a bag with useless things, leave a note like you care.
Fill the trunk of yr sister's car, fill the tank...

The distant hills seem much darker now,
and the perfect shape.

There's a rage you always felt, wrestle me to the ground.
Pin me down like you'll break some spell.
Shame on me for telling you I know the truth?

Routines resume as dust settles in your room,
and they're all blind to the things you left behind,
but I can tell that you'll come back.
I just know that you'll come back.
I guess I hope that you'll come back,

and real or not, that's mine, if nothing else.

Scream like no other - everything I hate was a dream come true.
Breath in secret whispers, you'll live for real and forever in their wake.
Track Name: As Gray As Park Can Be
The emptiness in me is tracing the loneliness in you.
In your stare, in my silent eyes, it's all the same.

With dirt beneath yr nails you lift up yr shirt above yr waist.
Neon light on your pale skin, you carve a name.

I foresee you answer - you can cheat your cancer.
I'll be fading in plain view by the time they find you.

So where the freeways meet, I leave you in pain but soon at peace.
Maybe I could have let you know I'm not a friend,
no more than the air that will kiss and corrode you through the days.
Track Name: Even Rain
Days like these, you begin twice.
Swallow pills, suck on ice.

It never rains the same.

Locate your keys, draw the blinds,
check the side, hit rewind.

Drowning out from within, the world I awaken to -
there's no old, and no new,
no growth, there's no decay to chew on.

Nights like these are without end.
I can't compete, much less pretend.
When you get high, I'm so alone - the extra wall inside this home.

Am I you in reverse?
I'm not done, I'll never be true...
There's so much to cut through.
No layer I'd ever spare to be raw but real, to be there.

Whether or not you can know this,
whether or not you would notice the shift.

Skip the fence, land awkward.
The rest is blank, I fast-forward.
Track Name: Wait
Paused in play, we waste every second day
figuring in dreams how we'll waste the other.
We waste another.

Shine -
Attempting to impress your friends will end in grazes to the skin.
Shade -
The lawns we lose our bracelets in are cut yellow and indistinct.

Weathering the strain -
Double-figure avenues of falling rain is where the pain began.
Gaze -
Failing to escape the scratched-up lens however fast we ran.

Within the frames we froze the seams that bind your clothes
are secrets to themselves.

On hoods of stricken cars, reclaiming fading stars -
the light too low to register in time.

I guess you're lying about the way you feel.
In dreams you're fine, but your death was real enough to last.

Chase another.
Chase another.
Dream another.

I'd burn those memories, the tapes returned to me
in nylon bags of black.
Impartial flames combust the plastic down to dust.
Something like eternity must feel like this.
Track Name: Flame
We met just once before,
the greyest of days in the park.
I followed the rumors here, like tail lights in the dark.

And now we're not alone in this.
Without fear we can confess.
The perfect match, in every place -

The house beside the lake;
the house at the edge of town;
the ones beyond...

And now this feels like real love,
watching them burn from the hills above.
No single word could mean as much.

Our hands, our bodies clasped, I know that this can't last.
Track Name: Pattern
He's violence, forever the scars in my skin.
My silence - it's all that I've got to oppose his plain indifference.
There's never a day I'm not in his arms.
Only he can relate to my self-hate and harm combined.

She's cruelty, forever the pain in my chest.
My sweetheart since day three.
The stabbing desire to possess or free the sublime.
There's never a time I'm seen without her -
it's the way she defines her future that kills me.

It's all of love, all of envy.
It's all ahead and behind me

I'll break this pattern and quit soon as I'm over it.

See, it's the perfect end to the worst beginning.
It's the love you wish for,
But it's the pain you're wishing.